Family Photos – Baby Liam – Oakville, ON

Oct 17, 2017 | Lifestyle, Photography Tips |

I’m not going to lie and say taking family photos with babies is easy. It’s actually really difficult. Rarely do you get a baby that is easy going and cooperative – they don’t want to stay still, they look where you don’t need them to, they cry or all of the above! Regardless of how difficult it is, I continue to take on these challenges head on and continue to grow and perfect my craft as a photographer. It’s honestly so rewarding when you get such positive responses from clients after they receive their photos. Below are some tips that I’ve found useful for myself when taking photos of babies.

  1. A well-fed and napped baby is best. Ensure that the baby has had his/her nap before they come for the photoshoot. Make sure that they have a full tummy as well so they are’t #hangry
  2. Be readyBe behind the camera and ready to snap the photo at all times. When there is a group of people in the photo, ensure that everyone is ready and looking at you. Once the baby looks your way you literally have within seconds to capture the shot so by having everyone else ready for the photo you have a higher chance of capturing that perfect shot.
  3. Bring distractions. It can be baby’s favourite toy or something bright, loud, colourful or all of the above. You want to have items you can use to get the baby’s attention to look your way and/or make them smile. Some items I’ve used include rattles, plush animals, snack jars, and clothing. Have an assistant use these items to get the baby’s attention.
  4. Have fun. It’s not the easiest job posing a baby so most of the time its just fun to go with it. Have fun with the photoshoot and just let the baby be himself .Don’t try to get them into certain positions so much as they will eventually get very agitated with you.


My latest family photo session included (yet of course) another baby. Meet Liam. (I have a sweet spot for mixed ethnicity babies – I think they are oh so adorable!) I hope these tips help you with you baby photography skills.