REVIEW: Yasu – Toronto Omakase Experience

Nov 4, 2017 | Food & Travel, Personal | 1 comment

We just recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Since having a baby we have not really had the time to try new restaurants or eat out much. When we do eat out, it’s a matter of taking turns scarfing down our food before baby gets fussy or bored and throws a tantrum. So this year, we took advantage of the grandparents babysitting baby to enjoy a two-hour omakase. Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you”.  Basically, the menu selection is left to the chef instead of ordering through an a la carte menu. I’ve been dying to try an omakase experience for a while now and we figured what better chance then to celebrate our anniversary.

There are a couple restaurants that specialize in omakase in Toronto but Yasu came highly recommended so that’s where we decided to go.

The menu is chef’s selection with the option to upgrade your sashimi to a premium platter which has six-seven pieces of sashimi instead of just two pieces. We both upgrade to the premium sashimi platter ’cause #Yolo and both had a pint of Sapporo to drink. The sashimi platter featured a Valentine oyster from the Maritimes, Bluefin tuna, Nova Scotia lobster, scallops from Hokkaido and fresh uni from Japan.

Watching the chefs at work was mesmerizing to say the least. They sliced the fish with such grace and prepped each sushi piece so delicately – even the wasabi was freshly grounded! It was not as strong as the store bought ones but it had a very subtle burn and freshness to it.

Below is the rest of the menu:

White shrimp with fresh yuzu

Salmon roe and fatty tuna (toro) topped with yuzu and scallions

Clockwise below: Monk fish liver from Boston, Striped jack from Japan, Cured Mackerel from Norway with ginger, scallions and pickled radish and Fluke topped with seared fluke fin from Boston

Left to Right: Spanish mackerel from Florida and Snow crab topped with crab liver from Nova Scotia

Blue fin Tuna trio (lean to fatty)

Last but not least sea eel – one of my faves!

For dessert, we had some black sesame ice cream complete with a candle to make a wish on our second anniversary together. It was a cute little touch from the staff.

Overall, it was definitely a worth while experience. Would I do it again anytime soon? Here’s the thing, the food is REALLY good. (I mean, I’ve never been to Japan so I can’t compare it to that but just basing it on my experience of sushi in Toronto and GTA, its really good!) So again, it’s really good and such a cool experience. Only thing is, after the 18 or whatever pieces of sushi/sashimi, I realized I can’t eat that much raw fish in one sitting. (Kind of one of the reasons why I love sushi buffets – I can have a little bit of everything.) If you’re a sushi/sashimi lover, I highly recommend it.