Family Photos – Baby Liam – Oakville, ON

Family Photos – Baby Liam – Oakville, ON

I’m not going to lie and say taking family photos with babies is easy. It’s actually really difficult. Rarely do you get a baby that is easy going and cooperative – they don’t want to stay still, they look where you don’t need them to, they cry or all of the above! Regardless of how difficult it is, I continue to take on these challenges head on and continue to grow and perfect my craft as a photographer. It’s honestly so rewarding when you get such positive responses from clients after they receive their photos. Below are some tips that I’ve found useful for myself when taking photos of babies.

  1. A well-fed and napped baby is best. Ensure that the baby has had his/her nap before they come for the photoshoot. Make sure that they have a full tummy as well so they are’t #hangry
  2. Be readyBe behind the camera and ready to snap the photo at all times. When there is a group of people in the photo, ensure that everyone is ready and looking at you. Once the baby looks your way you literally have within seconds to capture the shot so by having everyone else ready for the photo you have a higher chance of capturing that perfect shot.
  3. Bring distractions. It can be baby’s favourite toy or something bright, loud, colourful or all of the above. You want to have items you can use to get the baby’s attention to look your way and/or make them smile. Some items I’ve used include rattles, plush animals, snack jars, and clothing. Have an assistant use these items to get the baby’s attention.
  4. Have fun. It’s not the easiest job posing a baby so most of the time its just fun to go with it. Have fun with the photoshoot and just let the baby be himself .Don’t try to get them into certain positions so much as they will eventually get very agitated with you.


My latest family photo session included (yet of course) another baby. Meet Liam. (I have a sweet spot for mixed ethnicity babies – I think they are oh so adorable!) I hope these tips help you with you baby photography skills.

Tips and Tricks to Look Picture Perfect

Tips and Tricks to Look Picture Perfect

As someone who prefers to be behind the camera both in passion and profession, you may be surprised to learn that I actually find it extremely difficult to be on the opposite side of the lens. It’s part of our human nature to want to look good – especially when having our photos taken. We all want to achieve that ‘picture perfect,’ model-like pose with glowing hair and make-up – a beautiful image to be documented for the ages… or maybe just as far back as our social media feeds deem appropriate. Either way, it’s a lot of pressure!

Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way to help you achieve a more flattering look in photos – they’ve certainly made a big difference for me on both sides of the camera!

1. Create a visual gap between your arms/hands and body
Photographs are two dimensional; squishing your arms/hands against your body will make the body parts seem wider than they actually are. Leaving a gap between your arms/hands and the body will create clean lines around your waist or face giving you a more defined look.

2. Chin down and ears forward
When we pose for photos, our chin naturally kind of sticks out a bit toward the camera. As odd as it may feel, bringing your chin down or ears forward while elongating your neck will create a more defined jaw line and make your eyes pop.  

3. Pop the hip and angle your shoulders
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but most of us are not models and supermodel curves are just not something we all have in spades. Luckily it’s super easy to create the illusion that we do! To get that curvy hourglass look, simply pop your hip and distribute more weight onto one foot than the other. You can also angle your shoulders so your body creates natural diagonal lines that are much more flattering in photos.

4. Cross your ankles or turn your knee in
Cross your ankles or turn your knees together (one in front of the other) to further enhance that hourglass shape that we created in step 3. But don’t forget to pop that hip – it makes a huge difference!

5. Nose to the light
Morning, noon, night – lighting must be right! But even in perfect lighting conditions we still must be mindful of the harsh shadows created by natural or artificial light sources. The general rule of thumb is to turn your nose towards the light. You might have the perfect pose down pat, but the wrong lighting can reveal (or even create) those pesky under eye shadows or bags (no one needs to know that you’ve stayed up late practicing your poses – that’s between you and your mirror).

I hope these tips will help you on your next photoshoot, impromptu party photo, or selfie (go ahead, why not practice now? Just grab a mirror – it’ll be your best friend). Remember, when in doubt: Chin down, find your light, pop that hip, cross those ankles and most of all have fun!